About the Rams...

A Few Words about the Brothers

The Brothers of the Rochester Rams are a tight-knit group with active members. Being active is a plain necessity: each year is a flurry of activity and our club laws limit us to twenty-five full members. The Full Members have voting privileges and may hold offices -- they run the club. We also have Associate Members, our closest out-of-area friends. While they do not vote or hold office, they do support the Rams through annual dues and support at Rams' events -- Associate Members must attend at least two club functions per year. We also have Reserve Members, who are just like Full Members except that they don't vote (ideal for Full Brothers who cannot attend our monthly meetings, due to changes in their work schedules). Our general meetings are held in the Rams' Clubhouse in the Bachelor Forum bar on the Wednesdays prior to our Bar Nights, starting at 7:30 p.m.

A Few Words about Becoming a Member

Generally, there are two levels of Membership in The Rochester Rams: Full Member (or "Brother"), and Associate Member. Full Members are Brothers of the Rochester Rams, MC. They participate in all parts of a very active club. The process of becoming a Brother has several steps: getting to know the Rams, applying for Pledgeship, the Interview, Pledging, and, finally, voting in as a Full Brother.

The Rams, as a club, have been around over 45 years; you have to accept them the way they are. You cannot expect, or hope, to change the Rams into something new. "Getting to know" the Rams means just that: hang with us, party with us, travel with us. Get to know all the Brothers. This takes time -- up to a year of hanging with the Rams. This is followed by Application for Pledgeship, which requires the signature of three Bothers. A Formal Interview (with at least three Brothers) follows. Then the Brothers vote on Pledgeship. If approved, Pledgeship can take up to 6 months before final voting in as a Full Brother.

Associate Membership is intended for those who cannot participate as Full Members, but who want to be "part of the Rams." Associates must be known to the Rams -- should attend Rams' functions as much as possible, are expected to participate as much as possible. Associate status cannot be considered unless the prospect has met the Rams, has attended some Rams' functions, and is know by the Brothers. There is a written application, a small application fee, and, if accepted, annual dues from the Associate. In general, a person shall be ineligible for associate membership if his place of residence is within fifty miles of Rochester, New York.

If you have questions regarding membership, e-mail Mike A.., the Rams' President.

A Few Words about Hospitality

We do our best to support the Old-Guard tradition of hospitality and reciprocated trust to other men in our leather tribe. We recognize the special bonds in our Brother Leather Clubs, and always welcome the opportunity to meet and party with friends and guests. If your club is coming to Rochester, please let us know way ahead of time. We'll make sure your stay is as comfortable as we can make it.

Toward that end, the Forum staff also extends a hand of welcome in the form of a Bar Night. The occasional Saturday is available for visiting clubs to come help run the bar, and take a portion of the night's proceeds. It's a good way to have a great time and make friends while pumping up your club's treasury.

If you and your club want to visit Rochester or even host a Bar Night at the Forum, e-mail Mike A.., the Rams' President.

A sampling of what we do throughout the year

  • The third Saturday of each month, the Rams host a Bar Night at our home bar, The Bachelor Forum at 670 University Ave. We occasionally host contests, such as our annual Daddy's Night contest. Most Bar Nights feature a raffle (including Rich's infamous inseam measure, which Frank has perfected to the shameless spectacle it now is), a boot shine and a Manly Theme, and all Bar Nights have a separate beer bar, free midnight snacks, and -- get this -- no cover charge, ever.
  • The Rams, and the Bachelor Forum Staff, also encourage other Leather Clubs and M.C.'s to host their own Bar Night. It's a fun-filled and profitable way for a club to be introduced to Rochester. The Rams will also do our best to observe the tradition of hospitality by helping with your club's work within the Forum and providing club housing. Contact us well in advance of the night you'd like to come out (at least a month, preferably three). Again, to set up a guest Bar Night, e-mail The Rams' V.P..
  • Can/Am Weekend is one of our big annual events. On Victoria Day Weekend, we Rams welcome our Canadian Brothers south for three days of festivities. Club members and GDI's from Canada, the States and elsewhere are all welcome.