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Associate Membership is intended for those who cannot participate as full members, but who want to be "part of the Rams." Associates must be known to the Rams -- should attend Rams' functions as much as possible, are expected to participate as much as possible. Associate status cannot be considered unless the prospect has met the Rams, has attended some Rams' functions, and is know by the Brothers. There is a written application, a small application fee, and, if accepted, annual dues from the Associate.

Already an associate member? You can pay your associate dues online. If you would like us to post your e-mail or webpage, send us send us your pic, email/webpage, and a couple of sentences about yourself.

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Albert R.'s email

Al, claims to be a quiet retired person who loves to party and go to runs. He spent a lot of time at the old Fourm with his X Tony burrows. A couple of his favorite sayings are: " Keep your ears open and your mouth shut." "When you get old you can say whatever you want, chances are nobody is listing anyway." Al has known most of the Rams when they had hair, that's how long he has enjoyed sharing runs and bar nights. You can usually find him with his lover Dan at the back bar.

Al - "People always mistake me for Russ."

Chaz's email, website, Where's Chaz page

I'm a leather biker bear. I prefer real men. I define a "real man" as someone acts and behaves like a man. Think: bears, leathermen, bikers and the sort. If you want to hang, I expect you to be masculine! If you still need definition of what a "real man" is, you probably shouldn't bother reading any further -- seriously. Still there? Cool! My NBCS is B5 dc e+ f+ g+ k++ m q-- r+ s++.

I moved from New York to Boston in 2003, but found the city of Boston to be unacceptable for what I was looking for (see this blog entry for details). I have also lived in Ottawa and Toronto. I travel a lot, a hell of a lot. See my upcoming travel schedule at's_chaz -- maybe I'm coming your way! I enjoy travelling, motorbiking, skydiving, music, good friends, movies, group/club activities, hiking, camping, concerts, going to the pub and more! I'm a huge Doctor Who, Torchwood and Battlestar Galactica fan. I'm just your all around nice guy! I've been described as a 'cool geek', I sort of like the sound of that. I'm a naturist, which means that I like to be nude whenever appropriate.

I am a member of Empire City Motorcycle Club, the oldest gay motorcycle club on the east coast. I am also the founder of The Boston Bears (the largest bear club in the northeast United States), a former officer of the Rochester Rams, a former deputy for the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association, and an associate member of the Utica Tri's (founded in 1986 by Rochester Rams' Associate Members).

If you want to know more about me, check out




Chip M.

Hello Men, I am 49 years old, and I became a Ram in January of 1996. I swiched to Associate Ram in January of 2011. I am currently single and I like men who act like men. I enjoy camping and hanging with my friends and brothers. I am a big flirt. :-)

If you want to know anything else just send me an e-mail.

Dan B. -

Hello all you sexy fuckers! My name's Dan and have been hanging with the Rams for years now. I finally made the decision to pledge in 2009, which is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I love the camaraderie of my Brothers and look forward to carrying on the traditions of our club. Besides my leather interests, I'm also a musician, die hard progressive house fan and DJ, (you can hear my mixes most bar nights) and love to cook all sorts of International food. Come say hi next time you're at The Forum! Motto: Obscene, dirty, filthy, immoral, aw yeah!

David E.'s email

David E. was born and raised in Rochester, NY with five sisters and 1 brother. “I knew when I was young that I was gay. When the Sears catalog arrived I would always look at the men’s underwear section.” David finally came out at 24.

David worked at some of Rochester’s more infamous gay bars, The Liberty, Friar’s III and Whispers. In the fall of 1988 he joined the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus where he met his life partner Jon T (former RAMS brother and current RAMS associate). David and Jon will celebrate 20 years together on 10/2/2008.

David and Jon have lived together in Rochester, NY, London, UK, and currently reside just outside Philadelphia in a quaint town called Collingswood, NJ.

David is a corporate trainer for a Rochester, NY based telecommunications company.

Some of David’s interests include photography (David has been the official RAMS photographer for the past several RAMS Runs), cooking, reading, movies (David was one of the founding members of the Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival), singing (David is currently a member of the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus and sings when his business travel permits) and traveling with his partner Jon.

Dave P.'s email

I was born here in Rochester in 1955 and grew up near Spencerport. I had a great childhood growing up with two sisters and lots of cousins. After high school, I went to college in Trenton, New Jersey – that was where I first started going to gay bars. Since I grew up in an Italian, Catholic family, I got married two years after college; after all, that is what you were supposed to do. However, I have no regrets, we had some good times and have two wonderful children. After moving to Alaska, back to New York, then Vermont, now back in Rochester, I got separated. Shortly after I started coming to the Forum I met Chip and the rest of the Rochester Rams who proved to be great friends. A couple years ago I met my partner Carl who is a wonderful and caring man. His work took him to New Mexico so we now spend time visiting back and forth. Soon we’ll be back together with him moving back to Rochester or me moving there. In the mean time I hangout with my brothers, shoot pool at the Forum, and have a little “fun”.

Dave moved to Albuquerque NM in June 2006, we miss him already.

Duane M.'s email, webpage

Born in western New York but like any good leather sex pig I found my way to Rochester and to a Rams Run. The rest is history. A dirty sordid sleazy history. Ask just about anyone.

Frank D.'s email

Hey guys, Frank here. I’m single and looking and looking and looking... 50 years old, I’m shy until you get to me. Want to know more of the details about me? <evil grin> Email me.

Hint: Redheads, Uncuts & Small Hands move to the front of the line.

Jack P.'s email

Proud Ram Associate living in downtown Toronto. Leather Man always ready for action!

Marqus R.'s email

Living in Fort Lauderdale, but often traveling the Rochester and Upstate New York areas. Into most things. Totally versatile FF and ass play; Top at bondage, CBT, general leather, electrical play (a specialty), flogging, single tails & etc. Enjoy boating, camping, fishing, motorbikes and, of course, restaurant dining of all sorts.

Mike S.'s email

Back in the mid 80’s before I knew about the club scene, I happened to meet your member Franklin O. He gave me my first friendship pin. Then in 1989, I became a charter member of Rangers. That year I went to Do-A-Fool as my first run as a Ranger. Walking in to check-in I ran into Franklin. His friendship set the tone for the whole run. I met 5 or 6 of the Rams. When the Rams left the Run on their way back to Rochester, they stopped over night at my home (about half way) At one of the bar nights at the Leather Stallion, you guys presented me with my first associate patch. Since that time I have also become a full member of Unicorns MC. I take great please in seeing the Rams at the Unicorns run. (sorry, I haven’t been able to make your run) I also am an associate of Potomac MC. I am a retired teacher who is currently working part time teaching math at the university. If you want more info, contact me.

Steve C.'s website

The personal website of Steve C. Steve lives in Seattle and he is into boys, Sounds, and other fun stuff. Check out his site.