Below, you're find listings for our full and associate members, Brothers of the Rochester Rams. Associate membership is intended for those who cannot participate as full members, but who want to be "part of the Rams." If you'd like, you can also email to the entire club.

Full membersAssociate members

Bob F.-

Hey guys, I’m Bob I’ve been active in the leather community for over 30 years. I ride a ’96 Harley Dynaglide and the only thing I love more than my motorcycle is my partner of 20 years, Mike.  I enjoy riding, working on my house, attending club events and shooting pool.  Peace and love to you all!

Larry W. - Honorary Brother

My name is Larry, I‘ve been member of the Rams since 1980. I am glad I am still working with my Ram brothers, and I am proud that this club is often recognized by other clubs as Brothers. I also consider all of the Rams Associate members my friends too.

Mike A.- President

My name is Mike A. I have been a member for 18 yrs now. I am the person you talk to if you attend our run, I feed you, so be nice lol. I have a great partner. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, shooting pool, home remo, etc. I am 62 yo. And getting better everyday with age. Hope to met up with you , say Hello, I don’t bite, Thanks.

Russ S. - Treasurer

Hi all, this is Russ extending greetings from the 'Old Man' of the Rams. Who ever said that older wasn't better? There's still good reason for my Rams nickname - SIR! And don't you forget it! I'm Treasurer (again), this year and pinching every penny. Drop me an email and say hi.